West Coast Title Search Ltd. continues to be open to provide search, filing and process serving services to our clients.

The Court Registries are open for in-person filing of documents, but access varies between the registries. E-filing is available and we will monitor and follow up on files that we submit on your behalf. Please note that turnaround times at the Courts vary, but are improving. We are monitoring the news updates and will continue to alter our services to meet the registry requirements and the needs of our clients.

The LTSA is open by appointment to general public; however, we have access as Registry Agents. We can obtain the materials you require on a timely basis. 

We have restored our regular run service; however, our routes have been changed and your run service may not be the same. If you would like an updated copy of your firm's route schedule, please contact us.  

Work requests may be sent to us via our website or by email to info@wcts.com. If your file has a deadline, please clearly indicate that information in your instructions. 

If you have questions, please contact us at info@wcts.com, 604-659-8600 or 1-800-553-1936.