How We Help Our Clients

Our Service Commitment

All registry agents are not the same. With our well-trained, conscientious staff, West Coast provides a premium standard of service with fees which are comparable in the industry.

OUR GUARANTEE: All our work is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with our work, we will issue a credit or replace the work.

WHY USE US FOR ONLINE WORK? We save you time and money. Sending your file to us allows you to move on to your next project and we take on the responsibility for our data entry and timely filing. How does that help you? Should there be an error, we will cover all associated costs to have it fixed. There are no refunds on the online system. Example: If your file is on hold and was submitted in error, there is not only the cost of the initial filing but also any other costs to fix it or re-file it that you would have to absorb or pass on to your client. If we file it for you, and there is an error, it is West Coast's responsibility; we guarantee it and it's our time and money.

SAME-DAY ACTION: Requests for searches and filings are initiated the day the request is received unless you instruct otherwise. We do a detailed check of all your documents before they are submitted to the registry and can often correct problems upon your instructions prior to submission. General search and filing are usually returned the following day.

RUNS/COURIER: Free* pick-up and delivery of your files for Metro Vancouver clients on our scheduled routes. We also have a daily overnight courier bag from Vancouver to Victoria.
*Additional weight charges may apply for large files. Late call fee may also be applied. 

NETWORK OF AGENTS: We have an extensive network of national and international contacts to handle your work outside of BC

For more information on the areas we may help you with, please select from the list.